HERO 2000, HERO 1, and HERO Jr robots

Parts, upgrades, repairs, documentation, and support for the HERO robots and the Arm trainer base.

Current robot projects

Some current robot projects. A vintage Newton SynPet robot (one of the first PC based robots), an Android Amusement DC-2 robot, and an Ares II robot from 21st Century robotics.

Robot Demo for Cub Scouts

This was a robot demo that was done during a pack meeting for our local Cub Scouts. The robots were well received by the young scouts and help get them excited about STEM. There were also some HERO robots and others not shown in the picture.

Large Showbot robots

Shown is a pair of Ares II robots from 21st Century robotics (remote controlled) along with a vintage DC-2 robot from Android Amusement that was converted to be a fully autonomous robot with its own on-board PC brain running the LEAF AI software.

Robots at Henry Ford Maker Faire

Several custom Robots at Henry Ford Maker Faire. Included are the SpindleBot and MiniBot robots as featured in SERVO magazine.

Classic robots in the Robot Gallery

Here are many examples of restored personal and educational robots. This virtual museum will be shown in more detail under each page in the Robot Gallery section.

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