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RoPet Flyer

RoPet Flyer

One robot I would really like to find is one of the RoPet robots.  I’d prefer the full RoPet-HR model but even the base RoPet-XR is fine.  These were one of the few robots that were based on the Z-80 processor.  I know there must still be some out there and I would really enjoy restoring one and posting the progress online here.  From what I have read about them the specs are:

  • z80 computer 1 Mhz clock
  • 4 S-100 compatible expansion slots
  • 8K based on 6116 SRAM (expandable to 56K)
  • 8K based on 2716 EPROM chips
  • ZIF Socket for driver EPROM
  • 3 Driver EPROMS (HomeSentry, VerbaLogo, and Speechtrain)
  • 256 word vocabulary speech recognition
  • Complex sound (TI) and speech generation (SC-01)
  • Color Organ (flashes in sync with speech)
  • Key-Lock
  • Two 12V 4.5Ah batteries
  • Low voltage detection
  • Sonar
  • Passive infrared detection
  • Two 4.5″ drive wheels powered by 20 RPM 14 in-lb gearmotors
  • Quadrature encoders on main drive motors
  • Two 1″ castors for support
  • 10 tactile sensors around base of robot
  • 23″ wide, Ropet-XR 14″ high (25 lbs) , Ropet-HR 28″ high (30 lbs)
  • Ivory ABS plastic body

I was able to find out a couple details from someone that owned one of these robots.  When the robot was running if you came up behind it and pressed the rear tactile sensor while it was moving the robot would stop, turn around, and say “Watch it Buster!” then turn around and proceed on it’s way.  If I get a chance to restore one of these robots I will be able to confirm that.

Apparently you could order just the manual for the robot and get a credit if you bought the kit later.  If you happened to purchase the manual and no longer need it please let me know.