Robot Repairs

Contact us for all your robot repair needs!  We have the parts, tools, and expertise to rebuild and restore all of the classic personal and educational robots.  We’ll help you get them rolling (or walking) again.  To inquire about repairs just send an e-mail to: and please provide any details like the type of robot (brand / model) and any issues with it that you know of and we’ll try to help.

We focus on all of the HERO robots (ET-18, ETW-18, ET-19, ETW-19, RT-1, etc) but also work on the Androbots, Hubot, Gemini, Newton SynPet, and many others.  Please inquire if you need any repair work done.

To make HERO repairs easier on everyone we have test fixtures for all of the HERO robots so just the boards can be mailed in for repair instead of shipping a whole robot. Usually we try to isolate the issue to a particular board or boards so that you only need to send in what needs to be fixed.

For repairs on the RB5X robot we recommend going directly to RB Robotics since they stock all the parts for the RB5X and they focus on these robots.

When boards and robots come in for repair we can also ensure that each has the latest updates to ensure they will run well when you get them back.

To help with repairs we have access to a variety of test equipment including:

  • Fluke 9010A Micro-System troubleshooter (w/pods)
  • Tektronix 2236 100Mhz oscilloscope
  • Sencore LC103 Capacitor and Inductor Analyzer
  • Fluke Philips PM3585 200Mhz Logic Analyzer
  • Fluke 8050A Digital meter
  • BK 601 Battery Capacity Analyzer
  • BK 1601 Regulated DC Power Supply
  • 14605PS Triple output DC Power Supply
  • BlackJack BK5000 Surface Mount soldering station
  • PACE de-soldering station (Old Faithful)
  • Universal Programmer (EPROM, PAL, GAL, etc)
  • DRAM chip tester (Startek DT-90) with custom adapter for 4116 chips
  • Logic IC tester (74 series, 40/45 series, and SRAM)
  • Misc DVM’s, logic probes, etc
  • Custom test equipment like the HERO 2000 Arm Tester device

Having the right tools certainly helps pinpoint issues quickly and help revive these old robots.

If you are trying to repair your own robot be sure to check out some of the Repair Tips on this site.