Red Herring – August 2000 – Obsolesent Home

Red Herring - August 2000

Red Herring – August 2000

The August 2000 issue of Red Herring magazine had one of my early robot articles.  It was titled “Obsolesent Home” and talked about where some old robots went when they stopped working or a previous owner considered them obsolete.  So where do old robots go when they retire?  Well quite a few found their way into retirement with “Robots Wanted” where they were restored and given a good home.  They are always welcome here!

Robot repairs in progress

Hard at work repairing a HERO 2000 circuit board.

<Begin Robot Humor>

“Some robots actually have new wheels so they really are re-tired.”

<End Robot Humor>

Many have come out of “retirement” to go on display, perform robot demos, attend a Maker Faire, or participate in some other event.

If you have this old issue or come across it sometime I hope you enjoy it.