ELAMI Robots

Elami Robot Family

Elami Robot Family

The ELAMI robots were created by Robotland out of Florida.  There were supposed to be three different versions of the ELAMI robots starting with a small 12″ version, an 18″ version, and a large 36″ tall robot.  It seems that the small 12″ version of the robot shows up but so far I have not seen any of the larger versions except in pictures.  It’s too bad since the larger ELAMI robots sound very interesting!  If you happen to have any more details on the larger versions please let me know and I can update this page.

12" Elami Robot

12″ Elami Robot

12″ ELAMI robot

This is the entry level ELAMI robot that seems to pop up now and then.  You can run the built-in demo programs or you can program in your own movements with the keyboard.

  • 8-bit microcomputer
  • 2K ROM
  • 128 RAM (confirm size…
  • Two color LCD face with four expressions
  • Rotating head
  • LED lights in head
  • Two motorized arms w/grippers
  • 24-key keyboard
  • 17 LED’s on body around keyboard
  • Tactile sensors to detect obstructions
  • Security ID card with Serial number
  • Powered by one 9V battery and 4 C batteries
18inch Elami Robots

18inch Elami Robots

18″ ELAMI robot

This is the mid-sized ELAMI robot from Robotland.  It had a bit more power than the 12″ model.

  • 8-bit microcomputer
  • 4K ROM
  • 4K RAM
  • ROM/RAM expansion slot
  • Two color LCD face with four expressions
  • Two motorized arms with grippers
  • Front panel with 9 function keys and LCD display
  • A touch keyboard with 14 command keys
  • Infrared sensors
  • LED light display
  • Talking clock
  • Tactile sensors around base
  • Optional remote control


36″ ELAMI robot

This is the top of the line ELAMI robot and had the features of a fully autonomous robot.

  • 64K microcomputer
  • Full size keyboard
  • Data recorder
  • Disk drive (2nd drive optional)
  • 9″ color monitor with face display
  • Plasma light display in head
  • Head rotates 45 degrees in either direction
  • Two articulated arms with 5 axis of movement (can lift 25lbs)
  • Ultrasonic range finders for distance measurement
  • Tactile bump sensors
  • RS-232C port for connecting to other computers

It would be awesome to find any of the 18″ or larger 36″ Elami robots to restore.  If you happen to know of any or have any pictures of the insides of the larger robots please let us know!